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Charfield Neighbourhood Plan Posts

Examination Arrangements

Inspector Andrew Ashcroft has been appointed to examine the Charfield Neighbourhood Plan, and has set out the arrangements to do so. You can read them HERE

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Post Consultation, Pre Examination

The Charfield Neighbourhood Plan has now competed final consultations and has up-issued to version 1.7 on the back of the consultation feedback. This Plan will now go to Examination by an appointed Planning Inspector. You can find the 1.7 Plan by clicking HERE.

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Version 1.5 Released

Please click the link below to view the Charfield Neighbourhood Plan version 12.5, being the post-consultation release. CHARFIELD NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN v1.5 And from all the team a very Merry Midwinter, Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice, and every reason for the season!

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Meeting 30th October 2019

A meeting was called to discuss the responses, particularly the South Gloucestershire Council response, to the 1.4 Draft Neighbourhood Plan which completed Reg 14 consultation recently. In attendance: Laurence Parsons, Marcus Whawell, David Lines, John O’Neill, Mark Rosher, Maurice Buchanan. Apologies received from Steve and Judy Drinkwater. The meeting went…

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